chopped liver and God

When you really don’t know what to do in a situation; and you do nothing because you aren’t sure it is the right decision; and you are stymied and do not really know what to do — I mean you really do not have a clue, and you had a couple of bad experiences before that have made you even more nervous about making a decision — know this:

In not making a decision you have made a decision to spend time in worry. Spending time in worry is the most used strategy by most people. Those who do not spend time in that worry room, but just trust that whatever happens, WHATEVER HAPPENS, they will be ok, are the most successful people in the whole world in any area of work. Yup. Worry can cause you to lose precious time, freeze you into paralysis, lose opportunities, give someone else who is not worrying about it a total advantage, and make you weak in a muscle that needs to be strong to clear cut the forest of doubt and built that house of dreams.  Everybody falls into this trap sometimes, most of the time and all of the time.

The only way to kill worry in your life it to trust in God . Maybe he put that idea in your head in the first place and what is God anyway?? chopped liver?? Does that sound outrageous to you??? Well think how God feels when you don’t move ahead.

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