The Seventh Day

One day in seven we are given to think about big things. All week we think on small things then comes Sunday and everything is different. Even if you are not a Christian and do not observe Sunday as a Holy Day, I bet you do see it as different. My non-Christian friends see Sunday as a day to kick back or be with family.

Why do they do this? In other countries Sunday is just another work day. Each day is the same.

They pay the price for that though. Our bodies need a different, special day every week. We need it like we need air.

Naturally, to Christians, it is the best day of the week. In fact, I have found that the more I focus on Sunday being Sunday and set apart, then the rest of the week goes way better than if Sunday is just another day. Even God rested from creating the whole world on the seventh day. Even God needed a rest. All creative people need a rest on this day. Have a great Sunday.

photo by UGArdener.

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