Surround yourself with people that do not criticize and complain and drag your spirit down.  They are poison and should be avoided at all costs.  A real friend is someone who offers to help and encourages you to press on, not quit.  There are enough obstacles to overcome without people you know dragging you down.

We think we have to keep the same friends because we have known them so long, but you don’t. You can be proactive in this area.  Cut them loose and move on. Every person who is attempting a big thing will always have tons of people who are naysayers and they can break your spirit. They might say you are nuts to attempt some hard thing.

Christopher Columbus was nuts. thank goodness he was nuts. and courageous. Better to try and fail miserably then never venture out and be in a comfort zone forever. When is it wise and when is it foolish? Big question. Nobody knows what will happen. It is best to be wise as you can possibly be and go go go into the unknown with vigor. If you stand still an airplane may drop from the sky and kill you, too. It’s not like that didn’t happen before.

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