Picking a color for a room will have a huge impact on your life.

My husband would say he does not care what color I paint anything. But he really does. He just can’t get an idea of one till it is all the way painted and then he has a reaction.

There are color trends that change from time to time. I read that the colors for 2011 are yellow and pink. I hate that. I have been painting my house those colors now for a whole year and my paintings have a lot of that in them and well I am mad because I feel like I have been pulled along with the flow.

I read that the reasons for color trends are very subliminal. The truth is we like warm colors when we are sad and everybody is sad now because of the economy.

think about when olive green was the color to paint everything. and that muddy color , that was the nineties and everything was going up up up money wise. Now we are in a recession so we like pink and yellow. We want to feel better.

I am painting everything pink. what a laugh now maybe my pink paintings will sell.

NObody wants to be sophisticated anymore. They want their mommy.

Isn’t that funny. The power of color to make you feel better. My husband loves the pink bathroom and dressing room. He likes to stay there and feel better. So do I .

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  1. Shari, you have been painting everything pink and yellow for years. You are not one to follow the crowd. You are setting the trends.

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