I would never teach. I know many artists do teach and that is fine for them but not for me. the reason I would never teach is the reason people take a class from you. they want to paint like you. I never want anyone to paint like me or be like me. they should be like them. Them is what the world needs not another me.

That said if I did have a class I would yell and scream for them to find their own voice. I would spend all the time looking for that voice. I am against teaching but for encouraging. If I could encourage a voice to come out that was previously silent I would do it. What people want from artists is to tell them how to be an artist themselves.
Here is how to be an artist.

Go into a room by yourself and ask yourself three questions.

1.  Can I not do this?? If you can say yes to that then you should not be an artist.
2. Do I care what people think about me?? If you say yes then forget it.
3. Am I willing to do what it takes even if I am sacred and tired and cautious. If you answer no even for a second, even for a second then forget it. do something else. there is nothing wrong in doing something else.

Being an artist is not laughing it up in the studio all day. It is grueling sometimes. It is grueling when you are not in the studio and are going to be sick because you are not in the studio facing the day. Being an artist is like being killed over and over again and having your guts laid out on the floor with blood everywhere. till the beautiful thing shows up and then you can go home. But you dont get to rest on your laurels .

NO that thing you did yesterday is over and you  have to do it again. You get that show done and then there is the next one to get out. And it better be better than the last one. You have to keep getting better. So it never gets easier. No only harder.

If all this sounds good to you then run to your nearest art supply store and spend all your money and get a studio and start working your head off. Because you are a real artist.and you can never be anything else. They will not tell you this in art school, it is the secret of life for every every every artist that makes a living at it.

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