Crazy Thinking

Artists sometimes are perceived as illogical thinkers.
That is true. I have never met one yet that was one foot in front of another.
It is hard to be left brainers when you are mostly right brain. My mom told me when I was young that I should never work because I would probably get fired and she was right. I have been fired from a lot of jobs in my youth.
I was a bad waitress and a bad cashier and even a bad sandwich maker.
Everyone has to do something to live but I was bad at everything but creative things.
I can put on a festival, I can think up new ideas all day long and I can paint.
But in every other area I am dead in the water.
I do have a friend that is an artist who is incredible at all things but she is the exception to the rule. She is good with her hands straight across the board. Yes I am referring to Susan Cowan.
But she is unusual.

It is way easier to just give up and be yourself than it is to try and fit a round peg into a square hole.
So here is to all the people out there that have a bent toward the creative . Just do what you are good at and the rest will fall into place. Don’t beat yourself up for not being good at everything. You only need to be good at a couple of things to survive.
We are each made good at something. And that is enough!

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