The demolition of Time

There are hundreds of time wasters. But the big three are watching something that is not you. Movies Television and the computer.
I am going to try and limit myself to two hours a day.
Mostly it is on the computer looking at ideas and facebook and writing my blog.
I have heard my husband saw with pride that we do not have cable. or ever T. V. That may be good but we have a computer and that is way more compelling than either of the other two. Put together.
I would say that computers have the addictive quality that video games have. You think well I am writing and doing something so it has a lot of value.
But when you break it down a few minutes on facebook can lead to three hours going all over looking at everything.
So I think I should better use my time painting or talking with a real person. or reading or even cleaning the house.
Two hours a day goes by pretty fast. but at least it is not five hours gone into oblivion!

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