The power of Order

Artists are not orderly by nature. If you are you are lucky. We get into the zone and nothing seems as important as getting the next thing done so we toss aside everything that is in our way.
I have been known to toss aside people who get in my way which is not a good thing.
creativity is a compelling force and when it calls everything tunes out in my mind.
Then I have to deal with the aftermath of the hurricane.
My studio is a mess with brushes with paint all over them and 15 open bottles of paint. everything is all over.
Sometimes I wish I had an assistant who would stand by me and hand me what I want and then put it away when I am through with it.
But that person has to be me.
Now I am trying to learn to clean as I go. If I use the space between thought and clean up for contemplation it is not so bad and might even help the process. I used to walk down the hall to wash my brushes every 10 minutes when my studio was not by the water source. But now it is right by my hand so I paint pretty fast and maybe I need that time to think. Order is important to control the whirlwind a little and maybe direct it more skillfully.
This is Sunday so I am thinking how God is orderly and how that should apply to me too.
There is so much power in not being a disorganized person. You don’t have to took for anything and you have everything you need when you need it. And that is good.

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  1. It’s also about discipline. Or lack thereof.
    I find there is a common factor among artists that are happy and working and selling. They seem to have a bit more personal discipline that is often lacking in the creative personality.
    Just a personal observation and opinion. What do you think?

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