Doing Nothing

When Frank Lloyd Wright was going to design the Waterfall house he spent months and months doing nothing. He did not even put a pen to paper and draw one line.

The people that had commissioned him to do the house were fearful that he would not get it done in time.

He was thinking about it. When he was done thinking he drew the entire design in a few days.

And it was fantastic.

The white space in our lives is just as important as the busy space. We have to incubate ideas that are big and revolutionary. These ideas come when we wait on them with expectation .

If you haven’t written that book yet you are always thinking about. It might not be laziness. It might be timing. Maybe you have to know one more thing before you can begin. Six months is enough time for any idea. Not six years or six decades that is too long.

I am soaking right now on a project. I am realizing that I must respect this important part of the process.

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