The fruit of your labor

Yesterday I wrote about how Frank Lloyd Wright got fruit, and how sometimes I get fruit.  Stew.

That is one way and this another. I get a glimmer of an idea, and then I look at it and alter it until I like it better and so on and so on and so on. I never know what the end will be.  I do not even have an inkling of what the end product will be. Even if I do a commission to paint a portrait, I do now know what it will be at all . It may look just like them or it may feel like them.

The same works for me doing a project. Say I have to start a new business. I will try one thing and change change change till it is good. You don’t need the whole idea to start. Only a little part of a corner of a smidge of one. My idea meter is, if it makes me crazy excited thinking about it, then it must be a good idea wants to be born.

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