I cannot even think of a more wonderful time than to be with people who are able to communicate what is unique about themselves. We are all unique of course, but few people are able to fully express that fact. But when you find one , you will basically have the best time of your life just talking to them. People are so concerned with what others might think of them that mostly they end up conforming to the status quo. That is why there are fashionable colors and fashionable looks. Everybody wants to fit in. To get love. I think that is the only reason.

What if you were the only person in the world and nobody but you wee going to see how you were dressed. How would you dress? If I had guts I would wear cashmere sweaters and pants and great flowing robes. You always feel fancy in great glowing robes.

What is all this talk of clothes? Well clothes are just an outward expression of in inward view of yourself. And believe it or not but if you start dressing more elaborately , you will start thinking and feeling more elaborate.

My grandmother refused to ever ever wear pants. She always had a dress on even when she was working outside.” That is what aprons are for” she would say.

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