I was reading a book on creativity that featured a story about a company that painted clouds on the floor, and has sounds effects on the long hallway that everyone had to walk down, Push a button and you get a new sound, all the way down the long hall. They also had very unorthodox ideas about furniture arrangement and naps were encouraged to make you feel better. All in all they were fostering a creative environment for all employees. Can you imagine ever quitting a place that was so homey and delightful? Why doesn’t everybody do this?

Most offices have florescent lighting, beige or white walls. and nothing to look at that is beautiful.

What a waste of life. No minute of your day should not be filled with every good thing to listen to, read, look at and feel. Yup we have five senses so we can use them not just for special occasions.

If I had an office full of workers I would greet them all with a kiss when they got to work. Then I would have them take off their shoes and hand them some soft slippers. Then I would whisper in their ear how proud  I was of them and how wonderful this day was going to be. Does that sound silly?? Well think of how high morale would be and how much work would get done without the onslaught of drabness and fear and loneliness  and  competition, and tiredness. What if you went to work and could not wait to get there because it was so delightful and make you feel one hundred percent better. I would make it my full time job to delight my employees. We would do whatever we would do together as a team and be happy and productive.

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