In my studio we have tape on the floor for walls. Everybody respects that tape as though there was a real wall there. I might wander into someone else’s space to see what is new, but I feel like I am in their space.

I was thinking how much we mentally invade someones else’s space every day with our lives. Personally I enjoy letting people in and spending time with them. the only time I don’t like it is if they barge in. Then I recoil and want them to leave. The only thing that is different between someone asking to come in and someone barging in is their attitude. If you act like you are knocking on the door I will open it but if you just walk in, forget it. Mental door slams shut. Not only mental door emotional door heart door and every important door shuts. I am sure I have barged into someone’s space before without knocking but I try not to.

Here in this blog, the door is wide open. Tell me everything. the door is open, come in.

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