Baby Steps

When you just start out any creative thing and you have never done it before — don’t say ” I am not very good at this or that.” Give yourself room to be really not good at something and just enjoy the experience. Who cares what anyone thinks. You are just starting out.

The first time I painted I did big globs of paint all over the boards and let them drip all over and smeared them together. I was getting my feet wet. Now I am pretty good at painting a few things but at first I was not. I just had the most fun in the world when was trying. That is how you know if you should try try try again. If you are uncomfortable the whole time doing something, your mind will say ” Get me out of here.”

I was not good at piano and no matter how much a tried I did not get a groove on. My son on the other hand was playing jazz after only a few lessons and going off into his own world and it was amazing to listen to him be him. He was thinking his playing was no big deal but everyone  who was fortunate enough to listen to him play a while was transported into total bliss. He had a way of hearing that I could not hear. He was just a kid but what a glorious kid.

I hate sewing. I feel like I am going to die the whole time I am even by a needle and thread. My friend is so at home working with material and threads and needles and machines that she does that for her main job. So if you want to know if you should do something. Your body will tell you.

photo by this person.

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