strong opinions

Some people say I have strong opinions. My question is how many other kinds of opinions are there? Do you have weak opinions?? You kinda think this or that. No !I contend you should have strong opinions or forget it don’t play the opinion game. I want to know what you think because well YOu might be right and I might be wrong. Let me have it. Your precious strong opinion. I will listen and consider it. Every opinion is strong till you hear something stronger.

Let it fly, You might have just the thing I need to hear to make things better. Or you may be totally wrong yourself. who cares who is right. We all do. If you know something is true true because you have had direct experience of your truth working then tell everyone. That is what I think!

This is the opposite of political correctness. Just say it baby. Let me have it straight between the eyes.

2 Replies to “strong opinions”

  1. At the risk of sounding opinionated, I think the comparison one might draw is between the winsomely expressed opinion and otherwise. 🙂

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