Every step is important

The goal is not the be-all and end-all. Every step before you attain your goal is Life.  The Chinese proverb “a journey of a thousand miles is started with a single step” – well that is what I am talking about – all the steps.  The steps are just going somewhere but where they are going is not as important as the steps themselves. That is where we thrash about and grow and live and prosper. We don’t have to despise the steps before the goal.

The goal is just another step that we have ordained.  The goal itself is really just another step.   Stepping out in living stepping up the pace. stepping out in faith. all these phrases we use. Love your steps.

I remember a story about Kirk Douglas. He had attained fame and he was looking at a little apartment that he had rented when he first came to Hollywood. He said it was more fun then when he was all dreams and no results yet.
Reaching goals is fun for about 10 seconds and then you have to make a new one so don’t idolize goals too much. they are but a vapor. disappearing in the breeze as quickly as you see it.

But the struggle.  Ah, yes.  That is the great thing.

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