What is the only inevitable thing in your life? You will die. everything else between birth and death is not inevitable.
You may think you know what will happen based on past experience, but anything could happen at any minute.

I was thinking about a woman and her child who were playing on a beach in San Francisco not very long ago. A rogue wave(they called it) came in and they were both swept out to sea. Just like that. Or think of those people just minding their business when the earthquake started shaking the ground and everything went flying and crashing down.

Well there are tons of examples of things that go wrong on any given day. But we forget about that almost immediately and have this sense of nothing bad will happen again. What it should do is make you fearless. We don’t have to worry that our plan might not work. Everything might not work. The best thing is to trust that no matter what happens you will be ok.

We all have a defined time between living and dying. I believe it is preordained. So did Stonewall Jackson. he would ride right into battle without a care. And then the ironic thing is his own men killed him thinking he was the enemy. He knew it, you know it too on some level, worrying does not add one day to your life. Make sure the afterlife is squared away and this life should be worry free. You have to meditate on this a long time to get it in your brain, but it is ultra true.

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