I wish I could just start painting and have all these great ideas nonstop to pour out. But no I have to slog through a few bad ones first to find the good one. People way that I paint fast. Well I guess so compared to a realist painter but they have an advantage. They are painting something real. it is right there to look at. I have to invent something from no real thing to look at. I have to make it up and it has to work. Oh I may look at a photograph or some kind of image to get going but I throw it out after about 10 minutes. What I want has to paint itself without me interfering I have no idea how most of my painting let painted.
I know this when I start out. It is just a journey of trust that it will show up and do it without me. I am just gong along for the ride.
Any artist will tell you that is true. the real stuff is not done by us.
My son playing the piano like this for years, He would just start going and let it take him to where it wanted to go. Listening to him play was profoundly breathtaking. It was like being in heaven.
He did not take more than a year of lessons when he was 12. that is it. the rest just came.
all great art just comes when you get out of the way. I know people will disagree with me but that has been my experience over and over again.

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