Thoughts on Norman Rockwell

I just saw the Norman Rockwell show at the art museum. What a huge body of work to have completed in one lifetime. Not only did he spend hours and hours painting in a painstaking manner but he had all the models and set up and photographs and stories to get done too. Illustration to the tenth power.

Such skill is beyond comprehension. Yes he was a master painter but more than that is he painted a picture of America during the 30’s to the 60’s. What he looked at was just his experience put on canvas. He painted America not only in the illustrations but in his technique too. He was bold and innovative.

I heard some people say that it was too sentimental but I beg to differ. Norman Rockwell was a breathtaking original artist. Nobody was or is like him. Not ever. This is an important show to see. don’t miss it.  It is America.

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