People, myself included, sometimes don’t know they have freedom to do something different. As soon as you have success in one area you start to define yourself by that success. This is a trap. As soon as we start to say I am this or I am that, you close the other doors to everything outside of your experience.

It is like living in a house and thinking well this is it. this is the universe. There is a door on the house if you look and  you can go out into the street and even drive away or fly away and do something else with new information. It was way way way more comfortable to “stay home.” Some people stay home their entire lives and then die.

That sounds like an awful life doesn’t it, but metaphorically speaking, we do that with our minds. Even if you are a world traveler and think you have seen it all, you just have a bigger house.  Everybody should venture out.  Everyday.

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