Art and Women and Money

There is a little talked about issue that concerns art and women.  if you are married to someone who makes a lot of money, it will hurt you.  If you don’t have to over come all kinds of obstacles to get where you are and pay your dues in sweat and blood then nobody will care.

I was an art broker and one of the artists I represented was someone married to a wealthy man. It is not her fault her husband made a lot of money but it did color how everyone viewed her work. And because she did not have to worry about where anything was coming from, the resulting artwork was pretty but shallow. It sounds like being a bigot against wealth but it is true.

Your fellow artists wont respect you getting anything handed to you. And your work will not have the edge it needs to live for any length of time. Obstacles to overcome will make you a much better artist. If anyone disagrees with me I would love to hear it.

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