The Place you live

Sometimes we get upset if we are not in a a town that we think loves us. The place is not important. A city is not important. What is important is that you use everything you have to contribute to whatever place you are in. If you invest yourself you will automatically love the everything about the place. Geography is meaningless. Paris may be great to look at on vacation but unless you really live there and know people and have a job to do and invest in lives around you, soon all the glitter will mean zero to you. Likewise if you are a missionary in the most pathetic place, you will love it, because you love those you are caring for.

With that in mind, do not wast a minute of your life complaining about how this town or that town is unbearable. Geography is not powerful, people are. I have found that if you only have three people that you deeply know you will be connected and then soon you will have six and so on.

You will see a town through much clearer eyes when you love a lot of people. Don’t cry for a pretty time in your life as it is not a good use of your time and will cloud your eyes from seeing the gift that is where you are NOW.

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