Every time we get a new concept it immediately starts to go stale. that is the nature of ideas. creative wise. they are like fresh bread hot from the oven. It smells great and tastes so luxurious to have a hot piece with butter. the ultimate thrill. then one hour later it is not the same cooled down. and then the next few days see it decline in luxury pretty fast. Nuking it might help a little but  not a ton. No nothing is like a piece of hot bread right out of the oven.

Painting is like that too. You get to revel in the new concept a few hours then it is on to the next thing. You can never rest on your laurels.

So you always have to make new loaves of bread every day and you even have to change up the recipe too.

The masterpiece done yesterday is just paving the ground for what is next.

And something always is.

next !


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