Getting it all in

So my Dad went home to die and we are all looking at him with expectation of who knows what and it is real now, before it was a dream but now it is real and I have to write this way because I have to gets it all down. before I forget and life is sleep walking again

When you know your Dad has  a week or so left to live everything comes crystal clear, Little things  are important,

Saturday is SATURDAY in caps and it is a real day that is full of looking at every minute. Saturday is important. noon is important , three is important. 5:14 is important. We are alive and we still are all here and alive. I look at my sister and I can see all the years we had growing up together all the days we were given with Dad and all the  days we had knowing each other. Pretty mundane stuff unless it is almost done, then it is amazing spectacular gifts from God that we are now aware of. No more just another day thing. No more just another week, disposable and ordinary and commonplace and ignorable. No now the seconds are fireworks connected to infinity and we are seeing them and being aware of them together and she is not just my sister but my universe that is going through this thing, this mourning with me. We are together and Dad is still here for a bit. Wake up everyone, this is not forever on earth we only have a few seconds before we die and then we are not with any home. You dang better have a relationship with God or you are in so much trouble. You better tell everyone you were gifted with that you love them more each day so much that you could burst.

My Dad is leaving the earth and I am so glad I knew him and he married Mom and had me and the rest of the family. How rich of a life come from that union. I look at  his body that goes on in another place not just gone and that is it no you go on so you better know Who is looking at you next. He better recognize you and say welcome home.. You don’t want to be alone forever . We need to not be alone forever.

As my Dad goes into the next life , as we all are here a few more moments then it will be our turn to leave this world. May we have a Friend who says Welcome home good and faithful servant. May it be so for you and my Dad and everyone else reading this. May it be so.

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