kill factor

I have brothers that possess kill. You give them a project and they will go to the edge of infinity to get it done. My brother Andy has asthma and has only the use of a smalll portion of his lungs, like 20 percent. Needless to say he climbed Mt. Rainier to the top the first time. The guide that was with him said”Who is this guy?” He was going up so fast he thought he must have done this before. He didn’t even know he had almost no breath to get him to the top.
Another brother, Tim has done similar things with his restaurant . He built the restaurant and is the only chef and sometimes he serves 100 people at a time. He moves like lightening.
Andy and Tim both have a kill factor of 100. My Dad was like this too. In fact everybody in my family has it, except me. I only maintain kill for about a couple of hours and then quit- unless I have people around me. If I have my family around me I can do it a little longer.
Long story short the Kill factor is good. The Kill factor will push you when you cannot go any more

photo by informatique

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