Things can go slow when trying to birth a new idea. The problem with art shows is you have to come up with a new idea that is fresh but not too fresh and to too much like you did before. This morning has been a few hours of whiting out what I have been working on for a week. I do not like it enough; I have to white it out. It is time to let it sit and stew for awhile. Every year I swear that I am going to have the show done before January and here it is Christmas almost, and I have nothing good. I have a name but that is all. I am trying every trick in the book to get something going and it is still not working. So I am going to do nothing for awhile and stew a bit and find my air. Air is what I call being able to have flow where I am not aware of myself. I am not in any air yet so I will look for some. Maybe some fresh air outside will help.

photo by slworking2

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