People often say they cant draw a stick man to show how uncreative they are. I always think good. You probably are thinking drawing realistically has something to do with creativity. Well it doesn’t. In fact I would say that drawing in a distorted way is wonderful and inspiring. The only thing you have to do different is to not get all stressed out when things go different than what you are looking at. We are all unique and I think we should enjoy that fact. NObody will ever draw just the way you do and that is your gift to everyone else. Egon Scheil is a good example of that. He did a new thing. We should all do new things that only we can do. I wish I had a group of people that were not artists and had them do a show.I think they would be amazed how wonderful it would be and they certainly would change their minds about how creative they are.

art by Denise Carbonell

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