Skin gets dry in winter because there is no moisture in the air. You have to apply lots of cream to keep your face from freezing into a stiff mask.

Your whole life is like the weather. When you have dry spells of creativity and inspiration you have to think of ways to get everything moist again. There are several ways to do this but I think by far the fastest is to look at old work. Look at where you came from and see the evolution of your output.

Dry spells are chased away when we get a new perspective of where we are going. Sometimes you can use old idea and tweek them a little and they seem new and one thing leads to another. You only need a little bit of a push in the idea department to get a whole new line of thinking going. I read interior design magazines to look for little things that set me off. A color combination and a line that is gorgeous.

Writing makes you access your logical side of the brain so writing down what your abstractly thinking helps make it more concrete so you can do it.

Dreams and writing make reality possible.

Photo by Ruby Blossom

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