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What is your mission??? I have been asking myself that for 5 months. Trying to make it fit in a neat package I could put my head around, strive for and focus on.

Then I had this epiphany… Your mission is not up to you. Its picked for you by God. Its not up to me to figure it out. Because I cannot see the whole plan for my life that I did not even pick. Did I pick where I was born? no  Parents? no,  skills??? no . I just got them.

All I have is what I have at any given moment. Everything could go away tomorrow. So much for planning for your  life. I mean you can go in one direction and end up somewhere else.

This is Good Friday, Even Jesus didn’t pick his mission statement. His Father  did. His Father  picks everything.

Mission statements usually are about how to get what you want in a way that makes you happy.

People just want to feel valued . Like their life matters in a unique way. If you don’t think that you would probably kill yourself at the first hardship.

My mission statement is to  be a worker at what I do in the best way know how. Give what you got. End of story. Give everything away that you have. My mission is to give whatever I get to whomever wants it

what you keep you lose in the end anyway. Be a river. A river of life runs though it. Flow out into all the places that need water.

that is what I want my art to be defined as. A drink of water. Pure and simple. 

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