The Teardrop Chandelier

My husband and I bought a chandelier that was not like any we had see before. It was handblown in Murano and each teardrop glass had rainbow colored paint on one side. Each teardrop is unique and they are all different sizes with one even being bent. We love the bent one. Even though it is clear the stripe of rainbow on each piece makes they whole thing look like a rainbow even in the dark.

It looks like it is raining rainbows if you  stand under it.

Even though I took a dozen pictures of it , I could not capture the rainbows. It just looked like clear glass.

sometimes you have an experience that is hard to transmit. I imagine people suffering with depression or people feeling grief might have that problem.

Somethings you just have to experience it  yourself to understand.

Words can get in the way, Words say only what you know the words to mean. That’s all they can do. When words are not enough, tears say more.

Tears are not common, they  come from the deep place where words stop.

I like to think of my teardrop chandelier with rainbows  as coming from that same deep place That place is the most beautiful.


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