More on what you see is what you get

Brother If I had a dollar for every time I thought I should be farther along than this by now, I would be rich. Now it will happen because a new agent is in my life and she is a wonder. Her mind just clicks clicks clicks away. WE are an unstoppable combo. There is no doubt that this is the missing link.

There is always a missing link. there is always something that you just arent seeing that someone else can see. We always stop ourselves from doing what we know we can. We do it to ourselves. Nobody outside is doing it. Nobody else cares.

When you sell tons of art two things happen. You can do more work and you can go more places and you can bless more people. Okay, three things.  It is sort of like creating a company. Companies are good because they make a product and employ people. All good, especially now. So if you should be a company and not just a person alone think about that. In this life you should do all you can do not just for you but for everyone else too. Its not all about you.

Go be a company!

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