I have been reading obituaries of late. They mostly say how loved the person was and that they lived and died and went to high school and had a job and some kids etc.

I think everyone should write their own obituary . It is the last thing you have to say to anyone on this earth. The profundity of that is overwhelming. It is the last time you have to say what you think is important to tell anyone who will listen. The last thing.

I would say what I learned by being alive. I would not list my accomplishments because it no longer matters. You do not sit around trying to justify your life by listing accomplishments. Life is a gift and what we do with it is our job, Nobody has to justify what is a gift. Nobody deserves to live. Nobody. It’s all a gift. The time we have is a gift. What you say before you leave this world should be so wonderful and life-giving to everyone you leave behind. Nobody cares if yo were the president of your class or a CEO now. They only care what you have to say right now as you are preparing to leave.

I know that this is not the usual approach and I read on the internet that an obituary is to sum your life up and notify others of your death. That is a very small treatment for a very big occasion. What you have to say in the last few months before you die – that is what I want to know.

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