Painting and Writing

You can’t paint and write at the same time. You can barely draw and talk at the same time.
I have a friend that is a teacher. and she teaches art. she has to draw and paint and point all at the same time.
that is sort of like breathing air and swimming. you have to hold you breath to swim. water is so hard to breath in.
painting is like swimming. you have to hold your breath and words and that whole side of your brain.
so If I had students to teach. I would work in silence. they would work in silence. they have to hear the voice and they cannot hear their own special voice with someone elses voice talking over it.
I do not believe in teaching art. I believe in doing art and letting the chips fall where they will..
I just read a book called”You cannot teach art”. My goodness I totally agree.
This was written by a guy who had a masters in art. He talked of the absurdity of the critique sessions.
With no boundaries who can judge anything.
He said only a very very very small percent of art school students go on the make a living as an artist.
those few that do, would have anyway.
Matisse was better and better the further he got from schooling.
I would teach a class on being an artist though. that is what this blog is about.
This blog is about the invisible thing that you cannot make happen but it does and who knows where it comes from and it is surprising even to the artist. I look at my old paintings and wonder who painted them. I have no idea. the just got born/ How in the world in the world do you TEACH that which is a gift. How do you even talk about it.
this blog is all over the place and is poorly written but then I am writing about what is impossible to translate so you can see my issue.

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