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Just because one person makes a negative comment about your work does not mean it is bad work. Someone else might love it. One person does not have that much power.

If 50 people say the same thing you might consider what they say. Still, if you believe deep down that some work you have done is good and everyone else says no, you might have to do it anyway.

I was studying a Matisse painting yesterday. It was one he did in 1904. Everything was flat. the table and walls were on the same plane. zero perspective. Yet it is a delightful wonderful painting that everyone treasures now. I can only imagine what it must have been like in 1904 when he did the painting. First he surrounded himself with fellow artists.  That was smart. Artists are mostly encouraging. plus we are starved for something new all the time so they were probably adoring his boldness. But it could have gone another way, with everyone up in arms about his work.

So, there will be times when you will question yourself. It is a terrible job to be an artist and have to think about all these things. Much easier to learn to be a plumber and call it a day. A thing is right or wrong. It works or it doesn’t.

One of my paintings that I sort of questioned at first and not everyone loved was this one. Now I am glad I did not paint over it. Someone did buy it and they love it now , but for a year or so I was considering giving it the ax.

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  1. In my opinion, an artist should never paint over a questionable piece. You are right, we tend to taint the paint by listening to that one dissenting voice that finds the eyes too small or the green too . . . green. I recall singing in my first musical, which I found gratifying and rewarding. But a critical friend remarked that the food was bad, her seat was unsatisfactory and my voice needed work. Funny, I don’t remember all the good reports, just hers. We are not friends anymore.
    The few works I have seen you round-file have been great work, inspirations worthy of display. Just because a wallet has not opened for it does not reflect its worth. Sharika, you are a prize artist. Your work will make a way for you. Right now the problem is a terrible economy. I would not paint over a single finished piece. Let them sit in an attic. The conflicted, wrestling artist of today is the Matisse of tomorrow. Look at the tortured soul that was Van Gogh. If you could travel back in time, would you stand in the room with this middle-aged artist and endorse a paint-over? Or would you suggest that he let that work “breathe”? You need a board of directors who’s soul purpose is to vote on redo’s! Look at Thomas Kincaid. His crap never gets a paint over. . . or paint period.

    1. Tim you are a major supporter of my work. I do appreciate every word you tell me. thank you for your kind comments

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