You can’t put too much stock in disappointment if you look at the big picture. Sure, things did not work out as planned, but who is to say that that is not the  best thing.

Once, we sold a house and the buyer moved in before it closed.  My husband was in California buying a franchise for a new business because we had all this money from the sale of a house.  The real estate agent said it was a done deal. But in the last hour of the last day, the buyer backed out. The sale on the buyer’s other house fell through, the one they were selling to buy ours, and she no longer could get the house. End of contract.

It was very scary as my husband did the same thing to the franchise seller, too. He had to pull out the last day. So, we had no job and no sale and we did not know what to do. We were pretty much banking on all this going through. Somehow we muddled through.

A year later my husband met a man who did buy the franchise he was going to buy. And it was even in our home town.  The poor man was failing miserably and was basicially losing his shirt as the housing market was starting to plummet. We were so grateful that the sale of our house failed or that would have been us.

You can’t see down the road, A series of events might look bad but in the end be fortunate. You just never know.

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  1. I went down to your studio today, and I must say, the photo of Allegory doesn’t do it justice. You cannot decide much about a painting by looking at images of it online.

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