It is always a thrill to create anything. it is so much better than just thinking about doing it. Even if you do something that is subpar”who cares?” it is not the end of the world.
it is the beginning of the world.
Ha that is what just doing it is about. Even if you do a mud mess when it should have been a painting,,, get up brush yourself off and start again.
The depression comes when you finish , so never never finish any project. Make it a big project so it will take a lifetime to get done.
My husband and I have a little house that is a rental and we were making plans for fixing it up more than it already is .
Way more. We want to turn it into a jewel box complete with diamonds and emeralds. IL have never seen a house with this, so now is the time to do the front door all jewels. What a delight to come home to a jewel encrusted front door.

also I want to paint it deep purple and plant a lavender farm in the front yard.
We like to plan. It is more fun than not planning.
You only live once. be outrageous because what is the alternative. not be outrageous. ug how boring!

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