Unintended Consequences

Let me tell you a story. A friend of mine who is an artist was having pretty good success in her field for several years. She kept winning awards at all the art shows and she was selling on a pretty regular basis. A small art festival was happening in her area so she decided to have a booth. She set up and the day did not turn up any sales. It as disappointing to say the least. However one person saw her at that little art show and approached her about representing her work in his gallery.

That one connection changed her life. She went from small potatoes to big ones almost overnight. She made 30 thousand dollars in one year from him selling her work. 30 thousand was just her cut so he sold 60 thousand dollars worth of work in one year. I am telling you this story because sometimes we cannot see value in what we are doing — right away. Sometimes we think it is a waste of time. But you never know, somebody may find you because you have your work in a restaurant and they may be a broker and they might have been looking for someone like you all their lives.

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