Paris Hotel

The hotel where we stayed in Paris had upholstered walls and ceilings. Each room had different material. Each room was very small. Everything is small in Paris. Small and perfectly charming. A small room is the most inviting place to be as it affords you the luxury of feeling very close to whomever you are with. It is intimate. Like whispering in your loved ones ear. We must have had a bathroom that was literally 2 and a half feet by 4 feet. tiny tiny tiny. Bit it was totally marble and it wasn’t just any marble. It was warm perfect gleaming marble with the most beautiful lighting. Our room was ten feet square. So tiny but it had high ceilings and the soft walls and the chandelier and nothing ever felt so cozy. I know for a fact that small spaces make us feel and think differently. Now six months away from France again, I think of these small spaces that are so precious. The tighter in you go with space the more concentrated your thinking.

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