calm down

Live is too short to calm down. I think everyone should get way more excited. we should learn to dream and be fabulous and you can never  never do that calmed down.

Check out this youtube video.  I love to look at is a guy dancing all over town with a u2 song in the background. I always think that I would love to know that guy. He is alive and dancing and that is so wonderful. He is dancing in the shower and in the street. He is alive alive alive.

To be by people like that is necessary to achieve big things. It takes so much momentum to do big things that you need help. The music helps you get in touch with that part of us that wants to be alive and not afraid.

If you do not know someone who is so full of life that it is contagious then you have to be that person first. Like attracts like. Soon others will be by you and you will help each other grow. We are synergic at our core and once we know that we can use it.

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