big mistakes

There is no such thing as a mistake. We do things and the outcome is not good so we say it is a mistake. I put all my money in Enron and it crashed. But what you dont know is that if it had gone way up and you make a bundle something bad might have happened in your life. You might have lose something worse than just money in the long run. Ask Lotto winners if everything is way way better after winning.

With that in mind you can not be afraid of mistakes. Something else happened besides what you though would happen. Thats all. Something different and maybe better. I made cookies today. Oatmeal but i was out of oatmeal so I substituted cheerios for oatmeal. I was also out of eggs so I substituted egg beaters with hot sauce in them. We will see what hot and sweet cookies are like they they are done. It will be a new adventure for my family to try. If they taste awful well I learned that cheerios cannot be used instead of oatmeal.

Banal you say, well could be but the point is important.

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