Your Path

It is very easy to get distracted from” Your” path. I have ben distracted by trying to lead someone else along his path. You cannot do that. the only way to lead is by example. You have the idea, you have to do it. no one else.

There is another thing about paths that is real. Drive is an energy that wants to go somewhere and it will go somewhere. You can bet on that. But the important thing is to see if the drive you have been given is going to the right place. It is hard to tell when you are in the middle of driving. It feels right, you think well I am going forward but you might be going in circles. Worry is energy going in circles. Nagging is energy going in circles.

Procrastinating is energy going in circles. You are always the one driving, If you are being driven then it really is something else. It is procrastination in disguise. You not driving takes on many faces. Once you begin to look for them you will find them. And you will see the same pattern repeated your whole life. I saw this in myself this morning because I looked and then I saw it everywhere in my life. It is sneaky but if you see it it will lose its power over you.

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