Self talk will take a fearful turn whenever we dwell too long on one idea. Why do we always think of every possible bad thing that could happen? We hardly ever focus on what good things that might happen if we changed our lives in anyway.  Where does the fear come from?  Have we been horribly disappointed in the past?  Usually not. We have managed in the past to get through big things.

I once lived in San Francisco and decided I would only be an artist. I had no money or even a place to l live. I sold charcoal sketches on the street. This sounds absurd to me now but then I had no fear. Looking back I am sure that if my parents had known they would have been scared out of their wits about me. But I did not die. No matter what you embark on you almost always do not die. And if you do die, well at least you lived a while.

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