the day of the show

The day of anyones art opening is a mixed bag, Yes you are glad it is over and you are done painting but now the worst part comes . You have to stand there and listen while people look at your work and make the comments. It doesn’t matter how many say they love it and go on and on. Talk is cheap and art is a business so you have to sell these works. For someone to lay down several thousand dollars in todays market, You better have the best paintings you have ever done. they have to connect with them emotionally and love them for that to happen. Its like falling in love. It either happens or it doesn’t. The gallery owner is depending on you selling them or she would not have picked you out.
You can only do your best and let the chips fall where they may. This is the number one best time to buy art in the past thirty years though so for buyers it is fantastic.

Artist and buyer and dealer and webmaster are all connected. Hopefully it is a wonderful synergy that brings forth joy to everyone connected to the circle.

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