A few blogs ago I was talking about stepping back from the picture to see more clearly.
I thought of another thing that needs stepping away from constantly.
Your whole life. Looking at your whole life as a complete collection of events and choices and actions and reactions= Looking at the big picture.
Evaluating where you are right NOW in relation to where you have been and deciding where to go from here is a big issue.
Usually people live minute by minute.
I remember walking around the block delivering a newsletter that I had written for the neighborhood that I lived in at the time and thinking that this was the only selfless thing I have ever done in my life. It was a moment of clarity.
The irony is that that moment was both horrible and beautiful at the same time.
Really seeing what is what is the only thing that makes us free at anytime.
In this horrible market, we hear of sad stories about people who invested in houses and apartment buildings thinking with all honesty that the value was there because the appraiser said so or the relator said so and now are losing their old age investment. The thing to do here is step way way back and say to yourself, “What is the most important thing right now given all I have learned?”
Everybody has to answer that for themselves, but you should know that what follows will be a blessing for you and you would not have seen it any other way.

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