Everything in life can get frozen .
You can be stuck in one place because you are afraid to move in one direction or another. So you are frozen in Limbo which is bad.
Your car will not drive if it has been sitting a long time in your driveway. The battery goes dead and you need a jump to even start the car.
Our muscles shrink and atrophy from not using them in only a few days.
Your mind freezes into a coma if we don’t challenge it all the time.
We immediately start forgetting everything we used to know if we don’t practice what we know.
You can lose your whole french class lesson in a matter of months.
If you don’t water plants they die, If you don’t give relationships time and energy they die,
Nothing is full and good to go ever.
People we used to know will become strangers if you don’t keep up with them. It does not matter if you were best friends for years and years. Just let a few years go by without a call and boom, stranger.
Write a blog and wait weeks to make the next entry, all reader lose interest and leave.
Stop painting for even a week and the horror of starting a new show is huge.
Sometimes this is not because you are lazy or inconsiderate but it just what happens when you get absorbed in something else. Maybe you get sick and lay low for a few weeks, maybe you have to take care of someone else .
Frozen does not care why you are there. It just happens.
You just have to thaw everything out when it gets frozen.
Frozen does not have to be permanent. You can turn up the heat and it will thaw.
You have to be a little space heater in every area of your life that is frozen .
The number one best way to be a space heater for me is go stand by someone who is on fire.
Read someone who is on fire.
Do not stand by anyone who is frozen or they will make you even more frozen.
Read this word “Fire” feel that word, be that word, Now go burn up the day like you never burned up a day before. You show this day what fire means. Melt everything in your path. Go, Go, Go.

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