The Void

Space abhors a Void. All the universe hates a void. Something always goes into an open space.
A painting has negative space that is just as important as the positive space. Without great negative space the whole paintings looks awful.
More and more I am seeing that time is like the universe. Something fills our days even when we are sitting in a lump on the bed. You are spending your time sitting in a lump wondering what to do with your day.
It is like paying for a running cab meter while you sit in the driveway trying to decide where and when to go.
Tick Tick Click Click.
I say if you are going pay for a cab(and we all are) plan where you want to go when you are half asleep in the bed not when you are sitting in the cab. We get into the cab the moment our feet hit the floor. Boom you are in the cab.
This morning I was sitting here thinking what am I going to blog about. Then I got the cab illustration and now it is exciting to think about this very thing and start telling my cabby where to start driving.
I think I will get a cab charm to remind me of planning my day.
“Where to lady?” I will tell him. WE are going somewhere wonderful today. And away we go.

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