What you are

Here is the reality. Most people tell you who you are if you do not tell them first. There is a split second of time where whoever is in charge will be the decider.
If you know this you can will be in charge.
If you don’t know this I will guarantee everyone else will be the judge of you.
How do you go from being up for grabs to taking charge?
Easy, know who you are and be comfortable with that and project that and leave it alone.
The second you try and people please you A. don”t please anyone, and B. stop the real valuable part of you to not come out.
Every person has something important to contribute or at least should.
Every artist needs to find their voice and every person needs to find their contribution to society.
That is the least we should do.
If you have been raised with a person who is always apologizing for being alive then you will have a hard time to overcome that.
It can only be done when you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about what you have to give. You cannot think about two things at once thank goodness, so you are either thinking of yourself or others first.
If you think about it giving a speech is much easier if you have a lot passion about what you hare going to say. This is because you care about the topic more than yourself.
This is my recommendation to everyone including myself.
Focus on what you are passionate about and you will have more concern with it than you.
If you only live what is important to you, you will project passion and that will project confidence and you will be the one telling the world who you are… because You know who you are.

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