Piece of my heart

The thing that is sort of hard is selling a painting that has not been around very long. Once I just finished a painting and the gallery owner came to my house and took and and sold it practically the next day. I never even got a picture of her and I wish I had one. That was back in the day of having to take a picture and wait for it to come back from the photographer to see it. Now we can get in image immediately.

I miss the one that got away as it is foggy in my brain after all these years. Everything I paint now is for someone else. David Hockney said that it was sort of sad to not get to be around his new work at all but always it goes out the door.

Your children are always leaving before you can be with them awhile. But that is the cost. They have to leave and make room for more. Take another little piece of my heart now baby.

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