Yesterday and Tomorrow

Everything you did yesterday makes today what it is. and everything you do today makes tomorrow what it is.

True or false?


You can turn at any point and go an entirely different direction. No matter what happens today does not have wreck tomorrow. You just don’t know what is around the corner in the area of possibilities.

When I lived in San Francisco, I found that nothing was permanent. What I learned was no matter how hard one thing was it was not the way it was always going to be. If you keep that in the forefront of your mind you will not despair and you will appreciate it when things are going good. Life lived striving for the best in every situation will be most enjoyable and wonderful and you don’t need to worry about tomorrow.

I have been hearing a lot about doom and horrific economic upheaval ahead of us, Well that may be true but in the middle of the new thing will be a new road we did not see before and I am sure that all things will work for good for those that trust in the Lord. that is the key.

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