Pounding the pavement

I have been going walking /running with my friend every day now for a week. We go four miles and try and shave off time each day.

While pounding the pavement we talk about how to get faster and better and faster and better. The sky and water push out all the cares of the rest of the day for the hour we spend exercising. What a relief to have a friend to go with and focus with. It is so much easier to do the work when she is by me doing the same thing. She is a type A personality and I love to surround myself with type A’s. They push me and prod me to not be lazy.

This friend I have I have had since I was 13. She was more ambitious than me and ran circles around me for years. But now we are older and she is in a different place. She is not in charge of 200 employees like she was for 20 years. She is on to the next level of life and I am so glad she is going to be spending all this time with me. She inspires me and makes me think I can do more. Yes I can.

Everyone should have one person at least in their lives that push you ahead of what you think you can do. They are bootcamp and yell at the scared part of you to take a hike and make way for the fierce courageous part of you that wants to live out everything, every possibility and develop every skill that you have. You should do a good job on life as you only have one. You better make God glad he made you.

photo by this person

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